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Jessica Byrd-Olmstead, PhD

Jessica Byrd-Olmstead, PhD


Medical Health


Licensed Psychologist - Dr. Byrd-Olmstead - PSY 25981

Dr. Byrd-Olmstead, is a licensed psychologist and addiction expert with a heart dedicated to healing and empowerment. Dr. Byrd has always carried within her a fervent desire to aid individuals grappling with the complex maze of mental health. Her motivation is deeply rooted in her own triumphs over adversity during her formative years, fueling her passion to extend her hand to others in their own journeys towards wellness. Drawing from her personal experiences, she understands that every person deserves not just mere existence but a life teeming with joy and purpose.

Intrinsically drawn to the tranquil embrace of the ocean, the meditative practice of yoga, and the rejuvenating hikes amidst nature's splendor, Dr. Byrd eventually found her way to Pacific Grove, a stark departure from the hustle and bustle of her origins in the fast-paced Silicon Valley. It is here, in this serene coastal town, she has established a sanctuary of healing, where clients can discover their inner strengths and harness their own unique "superpowers."

Psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Byrd are a beacon of hope for many. She approaches each client with compassion, delving into the depths of their experiences to help them confront past traumas, unravel complex relationship dynamics, and liberate themselves from old, stifling patterns. Her expertise extends beyond the traditional therapeutic approach, encompassing an array of psychological services and comprehensive training programs for both individuals and organizations. Dr. Byrd promotes wellness, offering workshops, support groups, individual psychotherapy, and community events throughout the year.

Specialties Include:

      Treatment of Addictions (Especially Individuals Undergoing Long-Term Recovery)

      Psychotherapy for the LGBTQ Community with a Focus on Transgender Clients

                                   Psychotherapy for Adult Children of Alcoholics

                                   Codependency Treatment

                                    Adolescents and Young Adults


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